In a world where environmental responsibility has become a major priority, it is essential for entertainment businessest to question their impact on the planet. On committed to go beyond simple visual fascination that it provokes to take concrete measures in favor of the environment.

This article explores the environmental impact of our drone shows and how we strive to minimize our ecological footprint.


The sustainable technologies behind our drone shows

The use of advanced technologies is at the heart of our drone shows. We have adopted electric drones powered by rechargeable batteries, thereby reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Let's explore how this transition to cleaner technologies helps reduce our carbon footprint and promote a environmentally friendly performance.

Precise timing to minimize impact

There precise synchronization of our drones is essential for creating unforgettable light performance. However, it also means that we can perform our services more efficiently, thereby reducing the total operating time of the drones.

Less time in the air means less energy consumed, which results in a reduced environmental footprint.

An analysis of the global carbon footprint

Our team carefully evaluates the overall impact of our drone shows. This includes not only direct emissions linked to the use of drones but also the entire logistics chain, from manufacturing to staging.

The results of this analysis guide us in our ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

The ecological alternative to traditional fireworks

Drone shows are emerging as a ecological alternative and innovative to the traditional fireworks. Unlike pyrotechnics, drone shows use energy efficient technologies and produce little air pollution. As we explained a little above, our drones are powered by rechargeable batteries, thereby reducing the carbon footprint associated with the production of fireworks, which are often dependent on harmful chemical materials

Additionally, drone shows eliminate the risk of starting fires, which is particularly crucial in areas susceptible to wildfires. By choosing environmentally friendly alternatives, we contribute to preserve the health of our planet while offering you captivating visual experiences.

lancement des aéronefs lors d'un spectacle de drones

On recognizes the critical importance of environmental responsibility. We have taken significant steps to minimize our impact on the planet, adopting sustainable technologies as well as optimizing the synchronization of our performances and our carbon footprint

We firmly believe that spectacular art can coexist harmoniously with preservation of our environment while remaining determined to be positive actors in this complex equation.