Drone show prices and associated costs

Discover our prices for a Drone Light Show

Price of a light drone show

We design, build and operate light drone shows throughout France and Europe with an artistic and creative approach. Quality is our top priority, regardless of costs.

Our services start at €16,000 excluding tax for a drone show. We adapt our prices to meet your needs, whether you are a company Or a community. We offer personalized solutions for each client, guaranteeing a memorable and unique event.

If you are considering a performance for a wedding, the price will be different depending on the number of drones chosen according to the 3 available formats. We invite you to inquire directly with our structure WeddingDroneShow.

If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us . Our team will be happy to help you and respond to all your requests.


€16,000 excluding tax

What does Allumee do?

Allumee offers you a complete solution for your light drone show. We take care of the design, analysis of the flight zone and even the necessary authorizations.

If you have a specific vision, we are here to make it happen. Otherwise, our catalog is there to inspire you and help you better visualize your wishes.

With Allumee, you can experience drone show in the night sky a competitive price. We create our shows with an artistic and environmentally friendly approach.

Thus, our goal is to make the drone show accessible to as many people as possible.

show of 500 light drones - Allumee

How is the price of a light drone show composed?

Our Drone Light Shows last between 5 to 18 minutes to guarantee safety. They can include dozens or even hundreds of drones in the sky depending on your wishes.

Letting your imagination express itself for the shapes is possible. We can create complex or simpler shapes and mix colors to offer the public an enchanting result.

We can also do multiple launches in one evening, which can be beneficial for festivals, concerts, etc. to limit groupings.

You can find all the details of a drone sound and light show via our Complete Guide to Drone Shows.

How much does a drone show with Allumee cost?

At Allumee, our drone shows start from €16,000 excluding tax. Pricing depends on the number of drones, show duration, and other factors specific to your event. We are committed to providing clear and detailed quotes, guaranteeing transparency and customization for each project.

Do I need to plan additional costs for my drone show?

Allumee favors transparency. All costs are specified in advance. Additional charges may apply for special requests not included in the initial quote.

Depending on the project, implementing the necessary security measures for drone flight may result in additional costs, such as renting boats for flights over water or specific insurance. Thus, we will discuss together the different requirements during the development of your project, drawing on our experience.

For the sound system, our shows are synchronized with a soundtrack. We work with local partners to meet this need, but their service is not included in our quote.

What payment options are available at Allumee?

We accept various payment methods, but we prefer SWIFT transfers. A deposit is required to confirm your light show reservation.

How long does it take to book a drone show?

We recommend booking your show at least 60 days in advance for optimal organization. Contact us as soon as possible to plan your event.

How to get a quote for a Drone Light Show?

First contact 

We have multiple possible means of contact at your disposal: telephone, email or Contact form. We will then arrange a meeting to explore your show idea in more detail and make an initial estimate of the cost.

Do not hesitate, beforehand or during this call, to give us as much detail as possible so that we can estimate a consistent price: the location, your type of structure and your wishes or needs.

Sending a quote at the price adapted to your structure

As we said previously, Allumee favors transparency regarding its prices for its drone aerial ballets. You will therefore receive a quote consistent with the information given during the first call. However, if you have additional wishes once the cost estimate has been made, additional charges may be applied.

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