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All about our drone shows

Regulations related to drone flights have become uniform throughout the European Union. Allumee can therefore operate throughout Europe. To ensure that all safety conditions are met, the launch site must be free of any unauthorized person.

Ideally, we set up at the level of a park, a field or above the water.

Yes, we can operate above the water. This requires additional precautions but will greatly simplify the implementation of a ballet in a dense urban area.

Drone shows are a disruptive technology ahead of its time. Our rates start at 15,000 euros for a show reproduced several times on the same place. We offer pre-designed scenographies each season.  

We recommend allowing 2 months to properly plan each milestone. Attention, the duration of investigation of the application for authorization for the prefecture is 45 days for a public show and 30 days for a private show. Our pre-filled files ensure that the prefectures give their response quickly.

Together, we strive to find a new date that will suit you best.

Yes, all the shows we design are thought from a theme. Then we look for images and inspirations that we can adapt into shows.

If you have an idea, our creative team would be delighted to know about your project.

For the launch site, for the city, for the organizer, a show does not generate any pollution and the drones are recharged with renewable electricity.

In addition, our drones do not cause any nuisance to local wildlife.

In the same way, we recycle our batteries up to 78% thanks to our partner.

From the start of Allumee, we strive to minimize our impact on the planet as much as possible. 

The only limit is your imagination.

More concretely, our technical limit is 65534 drones

Our core business is to design, build and operate drone shows.

Nevertheless, we can take care of managing the implementation of a sound system or the security device with our partners.

Allumee produces shows only outdoors. Our drones are positioned in space thanks to the signals sent by GNSS satellite constellations (GPS, GALILEO, BAIDU).

The constraints are similar to fireworks, we are limited to strong winds, heavy rains and thunderstorms.

Our drones have 25 minutes of effective flight time.

However for safety in case of very low temperature or very strong wind, we design shows of 20 minutes maximum.

Nevertheless, we can plan two fleets of drones that take turns every 20 minutes to make a perpetual show.

This will strongly depend on the surface displayed in the sky and the density of the drones.

A drone is visible up to 5 kilometers, however alone, it will be difficult to perceive among other light sources.

On the other hand, 200 drones in dense formation can far exceed these 5 kilometers.

This is exactly the question that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation asked us, and we wrote a 200-page dossier to explain it.

They liked the answer! And we are allowed to fly anywhere in Europe.

In summary: Lots of security and simple and easily applicable procedures.

For the public the risk is extremely low, we have:

  • Software security
  • Hardware security
  • Observers
  • In the worst case, the drone will fall into the exclusion zone, where the public is not.

We prefer to leave this area to specialized companies because it goes against our values, these shows generate a lot of nuisance (pollution, noise, fire). 

Technically, with two fleets taking turns, we can do a continuous show.

With a single fleet, the time to change the batteries and calibrate the drones, it will take us 30 minutes. 

We take care of this part to be sure that nothing is missing on D-Day.

Yes our drones are reusable, they are designed to fly thousands of hours, we consider them a sustainable resource.

We know that 70% of emotions go through sound. At Allumee we are committed to offering a sound and light system that will delight spectators.

 In order to respond as accurately and quickly as possible to your request we need the following information:

  • The desired duration of the show.
  • The number of drones desired. We let you refer to the page “Our shows” to make you aware of the possible achievements.
  • The possible flight zone(s). A Google Map link would be ideal.
  • The date of the performance.
  • The type of performance desired: show from the catalog or personalized show.

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