Our types of shows

Custom made

Our tailor-made shows are ballets designed especially for you . We gather your ideas and musical intentions, then we design our stages, acts and scenography based on your theme . Although creation times may be longer, our team of artists work together to model these animations in a matter of weeks . You can choose between 100 to 800 drones , and the duration can vary from 8 to 13 minutes. With Allumee, you order the show adapted to your event .


We also offer hybrid shows that bring together the two worlds . We begin our ballet with 5 minutes of the best effects of Allumee , an immersion in the drone show. Then, for the second act, we offer a scenography designed especially for you . This option is particularly suitable for the professional world , with a constant series of animations on your values , your products and your company . At each stage appearance, we call for applause from your guests .


Our signature shows are scenographies pre-designed by our artists throughout the year, on the major themes of national holidays , spring festivals and dreamlike stories . Mainly offered to communities , these creations are accessible to the general public and last approximately 13 minutes . At the end of the show, you can customize a scene to signify your event.

Our show formats

500 drones and more...

Offering formats up to 500 drones and extending beyond through our partners, we claim that there is no limit in terms of the number of drones. Offering world-class shows of unprecedented immersion , we transcend technical challenges. This unlimited capacity allows our artistic direction to develop shows of unparalleled finesse and complexity.

200 drones

Give your audience a breathtaking show! 

Ideal for medium to high levels of design detail, 3D shapes and complex logos or icons, our artistic research allows for ultimate creative flexibility through an impressive drone count.

With our shows, immersive storytelling reaches levels of effectiveness never before achieved.

100 drones

Our most popular package is perfect for small events of up to a thousand people or venues with space constraints .

With formations extending up to 60 meters wide, this package offers a powerful display on a controlled budget . Even if we have less artistic ability, we will always look to work on 3D shapes and breathtaking animations.

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