Who are we ?

Who are we ?

At Allumee, our mission is to create wonder and share new emotions.

We do it with drones but above all with passion and commitment:
● Magical creativity that amazes and that we take pleasure in sharing
● Touch of French elegance that stirs emotions
● Innovative performances that renew the idea of spectacular
● Performances accessible to all
● Evenings that leave a mark in memories but none in nature
● Technology that ignites hearts without the risk of fire
● Pleasure released by perfect control of safety.

story of Allumee
Who are we
who are we


Allumee places creativity at the heart of every performance. From the vast stretches of seaside for the Lemon Festival in Menton to dynamic urban landscapes during the Asics SaintéLyon race to the snowy panoramas of the legendary Courchevel resort for Louis Vuitton ; we continually emphasize artistic innovation, adapting our creations to a multitude of natural settings. Thus, our commitment to creativity guarantees each of our drone shows an immersive sensory experience , capturing the beauty of each environment.


Allumee invests in the latest advances in drones and control systems. Technology is the engine that propels our shows to new heights, enabling perfect synchronization between each drone and precise movement management . Thus, the integration of LED lighting adds a striking visual dimension playing on color nuances, the synchronization of lighting effects and the variability of intensities . On the other hand, GPS intervenes to ensure that all drones start from the same point, follow defined trajectories and maintain a well-coordinated distance and height, providing unparalleled precision performance .


Behind every drone show is flawless operations logistics . Our operations team works in harmony to plan, coordinate and execute each flight safely and efficiently . From battery management and preventative maintenance to real-time coordination during shows, we ensure every aspect of operations is meticulously orchestrated. The reliability of our operations supports the creative and technological vision , guaranteeing the success of each of our drone shows.

An unforgettable moment

The story of Allumee begins in 2020 . It all starts with a wish. That of offering everyone an unforgettable moment. To make this dream come true we have chosen to use luminous drones.

Luminous drones allow us to create real living scenographies. But also to offer a moment of magic. In addition, they correspond to the values and commitments that we wish to convey in our shows. That is to say, to offer a unique moment to all, while respecting nature. We are convinced that entertainment can go hand in hand with preserving the environment.

Stars in everyone's eyes

Our second wish is to introduce this technology to as many people as possible. Drone shows are little known in Europe and France. So we want to democratize them, because we want to amaze our audience and see stars sparkle in their eyes.
This conviction is directly linked to the prices charged. It was one of our choices to have attractive prices, among the lowest on the market. This allows us to offer a moment of escape to a wider audience.
The whole team is very happy and proud of the progress made. The story of Allumee is constantly being written and we strongly believe in our shows and the emotions that we can transmit.

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