Allumee, Luminous Drones show in France and Europe

Discover how Allumee, expert since 2020, is revolutionizing the art of drone shows, by offering unique and memorable experiences for all types of events.

Drone show for communities

Each city has its unique story. At Allumee, we celebrate it with drone shows that light up the sky and captivate communities. Ideal for traditional festivals, of the cultural festivals or some commemorations, our Drone Light Shows add a fairy touch to your events.

In close collaboration with communities, Allumee creates memorable light experiences, breathing life and magic in every celebration, for moments that shine well beyond the night.

Drone show for professionals

Organize a corporate event unforgettable with Allumee, your specialist company in light drone show. Whether for a innovative product launch or one corporate gala, our personalized drone shows are designed to captivate your audience.

Allumee excels at creating light animations that blend together artistic performance And technological prowess, thus ensuring a strong visual and emotional impact.

Drone show for weddings

Your marriage deserves a celebration too unique as your love story. In partnership with WeddingDroneShow, specialist in luminous drone ballets for weddings, On offers a celestial dimension on your big day.

Let yourself be enchanted by a sky illuminated with a thousand lights, a personalized aerial choreography which reflects your journey together. Every moment of your marriage becomes a unforgettable visual symphony.

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Experience the spell of a Drone Light Show

Our artistic team is at your disposal, understanding your needs and your expectations to create a unique and memorable light drone show. We help you to personalize the show with the style, scene and music of your choice for a complete sound and light show.

With our tools and talented artists, we create light boards and colorful in the skies that bring your story to life in a way impressive. Whether for a wedding or a big show, we are ready to amaze with our drone animations.

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Technology at the service of our drone shows

OUR research and development focuses on three key areas to design a Drone Light Show. On the one hand, our company is constantly exploring new solutions to make transitions between scenes of our celestial shows more impressive and astonishing.

We place great importance on the use of color in our light drone shows . The lights are synchronized with the music to make our performances even more dynamic . Through this blend of art and technology , we create drone shows that captivate and delight our audiences.

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Through our drone light ballets, we illuminate the sky and the eyes of our audience.

With our innovative drone shows, we don't just light up the sky, we also light up the eyes of our audience. With our advanced technology, we create light shows with drones to promote your brand at levels never before reached. Our team manages everything: from start of project to end, including the authorizations for drones.

If you're unsure about the visual design , don't worry. We also have a repertoire of original Allumee light shows , specially designed to add a unique and memorable dimension to your event.


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Our latest video creations

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Everything you need to know about Drone Light Show

What is a drone show?

A drone show highlights a swarm of bright aerial drones For make shapes and figures in a night sky. The aircraft are equipped with electroluminescent lamps, and make a choreography in the skies using computer programming to guide their flight. It can also be accompanied (and is generally synchronized) with a soundtrack.

It is also found under other names, such as “Drone Light Show”, “luminous aerial ballet" or "drone show”. The objective of this performance, as Allumee sees it, is to offer innovative entertainment intended to create amazement in the audience.

How to organize an unforgettable drone show with Allumee?

Easily book your luminous aerial ballet with Allumee by phone, email or via our online form. Our consultation process allows you to personalize your event. After discussing your needs, we will provide you with a tailor-made quote adapted to your structure. Once confirmed, we prepare a memorable light show which will dazzle your guests.

How does a Drone Light Show work?

THE shows operate in programming a fleet of light drones to follow specific flight paths in the sky and display colors and various patterns thanks to their on-board LED lights. A computer system central which coordinates drone movements helps ensure they stay the right distance from each other while still producing an impressive visual performance.
Our in-house animators designed each drone show meticulously to ensure the images stand out from one another.

Find our more detailed article on how drone shows work

When should you book an aerial ballet with Allumee?

To ensure availability and obtaining the necessary authorizations, we recommend booking at least 60 days in advance.

How are Allumee drone shows different from traditional fireworks?

Our light drone shows are a ecological alternative And secure to fireworks. With drones equipped with LEDs, we offer personalized light shows and less noisy, perfect for all events.

What are the ideal weather conditions for a performance with Allumee?

Although our drones can operate in various conditions, we favor mild weather conditions to ensure the safety and quality of show.

Are Allumee drone shows suitable for all spaces and audiences?

Absolutely ! Our drone shows are suitable for a multitude of locations. They captivate all ages, making every event special.

A specific question about a drone show?

Find the answer in our FAQ!

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