Everything you need to know about drone shows

What is a drone sound and light show?

Drone light shows are performed by groups of illuminated, synchronized and choreographed drones that arrange themselves into various aerial formations. Almost any image can be recreated in the sky using a computer program that turns the graphics into flight commands and communicates them to drones.

drone sound and light show - Allumee
Allumee drones ready to take off

How do drone shows work?

Drone shows work by programming a fleet of drones to follow specific flight paths and display varying colors and patterns through their onboard LED lights. A central computer system that coordinates the drones' movements helps ensure they stay a safe distance from each other while producing an impressive visual performance.
Our in-house animators designed each show meticulously to ensure the images stand out from one another.

How long does a drone show last?

The duration ofa drone show varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the show and the requirements of the event. Most shows last between 10 and 12 minutes, but can be tailored to the needs of the event organizer. Allumee has the unique ability to perform longer shows with larger drone fleets.

Will drones replace fireworks?

Drones have the potential to become a preferred alternative to fireworks due to their eco-friendliness, customization and reduced noise pollution. Nevertheless, while fireworks will likely remain a traditional form of celebration, drone sound and light shows offer a modern and innovative option for event organizers looking for a more sustainable and adaptable form of entertainment.

Due to drought restrictions in some municipalities, they have chosen to opt for drone shows instead of traditional fireworks during their Bastille Day celebrations.

Allumee drone show for the Asics SaintéLyon 2023 race

How much does a drone show cost?

At Allumee, prices for a drone show start at €16,000 excluding tax.
The price of a drone service is calculated based on several criteria, such as the type of drone used, the duration of the project, the nature of the service, and other factors specific to your event.
It is obvious that organizing a show with 500 drones costs much more than organizing a show with 100 drones. Besides the drones themselves, labor, freight and logistics are all additional expenses.

Can drone shows be personalized?

Yes, drone shows are highly customizable to meet the specific requirements of your event, including creating unique animations, patterns and colors that align with your event theme or brand. This level of personalization allows your audience to have a memorable and personalized experience.

What are the different types of shows?

Our services adapt to all types of events. That you are a community, a professional Or a particular, we respond to all your requests.

There are 3 types of shows at Allumee: 
– Hybrid
- Custom made 
- Signature

You can find all the details on our page: Our types of shows

show of 500 light drones - Allumee
Takeoff of 500 drones by Allumee

What does Allumee do differently?

We produce drone sound and light shows but we also focus on 3 main pillars: 

Creativity : We place creativity at the heart of each performance by adapting our creations to a multitude of natural settings. Thus, our commitment to creativity ensures that each of our drone shows transforms into an immersive sensory experience, capturing the beauty of each environment.

Technology : We invest in the latest advances in drones and control systems. Technology is the engine that propels our shows to new heights, allowing us to ensure perfect synchronization between each drone and precise movement management. The integration of LED lighting adds a striking visual dimension, playing on color nuances, the synchronization of lighting effects and the variability of intensities. In addition, GPS intervenes to ensure that all drones start from the same point, follow defined trajectories and maintain a well-coordinated distance and height. Thus, we offer unrivaled precision performance.

Operations : Behind the scenes of each drone show, we deploy seamless operations logistics. Our operations team works together to plan, coordinate and execute each flight safely and efficiently. From battery management and preventative maintenance to real-time coordination during shows, we ensure every aspect of operations is meticulously orchestrated. Our commitment to operational reliability supports the creative and technological vision, ensuring the success of each of our drone shows.

Discover without further delay our 2023 Showreel, which brilliantly retraces the highlights and exceptional achievements of our last year.

How many drones are needed for a show?

The number of drones needed for a show depends on the desired visual impact, complexity and audience size. Smaller events may only require 100 drones. In contrast, larger shows may require hundreds or thousands of drones. The bigger the show, the more detailed it will be.
Allumee uses drones effectively, in any quantity, to create an engaging and visually stunning experience.

Are drone shows safe?

Before we can perform any show, we must obtain all the necessary authorizations from the competent authorities, in particular the DSAC (Civil Aviation Security Department). This may include flight permits, security clearances, safety distances and other important approvals.

In addition, it is imperative to establish a sufficiently large safety distance to manage possible drone falls. We have observers around the flight zone constantly monitoring that a drone does not exit the formation. If a drone comes too close to the edge of the flight zone, the observer activates a remote control called a Kill-Switch which cuts off power to the drone.

How to do a drone sound and light show?

To create a drone show, several steps must be followed. In our case, Allumee presents seven:
Meeting and technical study : Discussion with customers to understand their needs and vision, including a technical study of drone and logistics options.

Storyboard : Development of a detailed plan of the show, including drone movements, staging, special effects and musical choice.

Production : Use of advanced technologies and collaboration with our specialized teams to create visual and sound elements.

Audio-visual synchronization : Meticulous alignment of drone movements and special effects with the music for perfect harmony.

Permissions : Acquisition of all necessary legal and safety approvals for the show.

Testing : Carrying out flight, sound and light tests to ensure flawless performance on the big day.

Achievement : Delivery of the show with an emphasis on safety, quality and eco-responsibility, providing a memorable experience to the audience.

You can find all the details via our page: Our approach 

A drone show for a wedding?

A drone show is a fantastic option for weddings, offering a touch of magic and originality to your special day. Fully customizable, it allows you to create unique shapes in the sky, such as the initials of the bride and groom or symbols that are dear to them. This modern technology can be adapted to reflect the theme of the wedding, helping to create unforgettable moments. Drones bring a spectacular dimension to the wedding, ensuring that this day remains engraved in the memories of the bride and groom and their guests.

Drone show for a wedding - Allumee
Show of 200 drones for a wedding

With our partner WeddingDroneShow, it is entirely possible to produce a drone show for your wedding.
Choose between 3 formulas: 80; 100 or 200 drones and various options to make the happiest day of your life even more memorable. 

Can drone shows be used for advertising messages?

Yes, drone shows can be an innovative and effective way for advertising and marketing. By creating custom animations, logos and messages, drone shows can convey your brand message in a unique and engaging way to capture the attention of your target audience.

What is the main advantage of using drone shows at events?

Using drone shows at events offers significant benefits. They are less noisy than traditional fireworks, allowing for a more enjoyable experience, especially for those sensitive to noise. Customization is another major plus: almost anything you imagine can be created in the sky with drones. They also offer a more environmentally friendly alternative. Drone shows create unique and memorable moments, leaving a strong and lasting impression on audiences. Plus, their newness often ensures that it's a first for many spectators, adding a surprise and awe factor to your event.

Can drone shows be held in all countries?

Drone show regulations differ from country to country and even region to region. It is therefore crucial to choose a provider specializing in drone shows, well informed about the different regulations. This service provider must be able to obtain all the necessary authorizations appropriate to the location where your event will be held.

How can the weather impact a show?

Is the wind dangerous for a drone?

Wind is a crucial element in drone flight, affecting their safety and performance. Wind tolerance varies depending on the drone, ranging from 13 km/h for the least resistant to around 50 km/h for the most robust. Steady wind is more manageable, while gusts can make control difficult and risk a crash. It is important to consult the manufacturer's instructions for the wind resistance specifications of your specific drone.

Can rain harm drones?

It is not recommended to fly drones in the rain or on wet ground. Although some drones are more resistant to moisture, especially those with brushless motors, a single drop of water can cause a short in their electrical circuit. Snow poses an additional risk due to the cold.

Can I fly my drone when it's cold?

Older drones (from around 2015) should generally not fly below 0°C, while newer models can tolerate down to -10°C. This difference is due to advances in batteries, some of which are even self-heating. Cold affects battery performance, reducing flight range; for example, a drop in temperature below 0°C can reduce the battery life of 5 %. It is important to keep the battery warm before flight and monitor drone parameters during flight. If in doubt, it is best not to fly. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and know the limits of your drone.


Allumee attaches great importance to safety, in particular by analyzing weather conditions to adapt its drone show services. Although our drones can fly for 25 minutes, shows are limited to 20 minutes to maximize safety and anticipate unforeseen events.

Allumee strives to ensure well-executed and satisfactory shows, even in difficult weather conditions such as thunderstorms.