In the captivating world of drone shows, the symphony of movements in the sky is the result of a carefully orchestrated dance between a programming and an synchronization millimeter of our luminous devices. 

This article explores in detail how our drones are programmed and synchronized to create dazzling visual performances, diving behind the scenes of this unique fusion between technology and art.


Behind the scenes of programming our drones

As you can imagine, the programming our drones begins long before they take off into the night sky. At the house of On, our teams of talented programmers work on Specific softwares to create sequences of movements subsequently forming dazzling figures. As a result, each drone is programmed to execute a series of precise commands, dictating his path and movements during the performance.

At the heart of this programming are advanced control software. These programs allow operators to precisely define the movements, speed, and even the lighting effects of drones. Software uses complex algorithms to ensure perfect coordination between the drones in flight, ensuring that each movement contributes to the overall service.

Perfect synchronization of movements

There synchronization of our drones relies on precise internal clocks and the use of GPS. Each drone is equipped with a internal clock synchronized with extreme precision. In this way, GPS intervenes to guarantee that all drones start from the same point, follow defined trajectories and maintain a well-coordinated distance and height. Thus, this precise synchronization creates a fluid and harmonious aerial performance.

The key to a successful drone show is communication between drones in real time. Advanced communications protocols allow drones to adjust to each other, even when at varying altitudes. As a result, the continuous exchange of information between drones guarantees perfect cohesion, each reacting instantly to the movements of its neighbors to maintain the entire choreography.

The latest technological advances

The performance of our drones do not limit themselves to their movements. Integration of LED lighting adds a striking visual dimension. Each drone becomes a luminous star, helping to light up the night sky for an instant. That is why, color nuances, synchronization of light effects and variability of intensities create a true work of visual art.

In addition, the rapid evolution of technology brings artificial intelligence in the world of drone shows. Indeed, AI algorithms allow drones to adapt in real time to conditions that may be changing. Thus, they can react to external factors such as the weather, adjusting their movements, within reason, to maintain security while offering a exceptional visual experience.

To sum up, programming and synchronization of our drones transcend simple automated flight. It is a fusion of art and technology that transforms the sky into a dynamic canvas. 

At the house of On, we have: creative programmers, sophisticated control software and revolutionary technological advances to achieve dazzling visual performance. Each show we produce is an aerial symphony, an artistic expression that pushes the limits of imagination. Interested ? Find our prices for our drone show services.

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