What are the different types of drones?

THE drones have taken a significant place in our modern society. Initially developed for military applications, drones quickly found their place in various civilian areas.

This article explores the different types of drones with a specific focus on show drones, revealing how these technological marvels are transforming entertainment and public events.

Types of drones

There are various categories of drones with multiple and varied functions. Here are the best known:

  • Leisure drones : Simple and accessible, these drones are mainly used for personal pleasure and amateur photography. They are generally lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Commercial drones : Used in a variety of sectors such as agriculture, real estate and cinema, these drones are equipped to carry out specific tasks such as surveillance, inspection and mapping.
  • Industrial drones : Designed for rugged operations, these drones can operate in harsh environments and are often used for infrastructure inspection, surveillance of risky areas, and more.

Allumee and show drones

THE show drones are a category of their own that combine advanced technology and artistic creativity to create light aerial displays. These drones are equipped with LEDs and carefully programmed to form images and animations in the sky for a limited duration.

These drones use sophisticated control systems and precise timing to ensure smooth and coordinated performance. Thus, their programming makes it possible to control each drone individually while synchronizing the entire group; from 100 until 1000 drones for our case.

The major advantage of show drones is that above all they offer eco-responsible alternative to traditional fireworks. As a result, these drones are used during big and small events such as celebrations with prestigious brands, national holidays or for local communities or even weddings for individuals (consult our website dedicated to weddings: www.mariagedroneshow.com. The idea is above all to provide impressive visual entertainment without the risks associated with explosives.

Visual of a show with 1000 drones

As you will have understood, show drones are more than just entertainment. At Allumee, we want to create unique and singular performances through a true luminous story in order to make the invited audience feel strong emotions.

As the world of drones continues to diversify, the possibilities for using this technology continue to expand, promising new ways to captivate and engage audiences across the globe.