Our first show with 1000 drones!

The Allumee team is excited to announce their very first show with no less a thousand drones, a large-scale performance never before achieved on French territory outside the capital.

Thus, this colossal performance was made possible thanks to close collaboration with the company Drotek, manufacturer of French 100% show drones, echoing our brand image as well as our values of innovation and sustainability.

Our alliance with Drotek

The whole team was brought together with the valuable help of our partner Drotek, manufacturer of show drones designed on our territory, in order to put in place every detail of the preparation of the show to guarantee unparalleled wonder!

So, this collaboration was crucial in bringing our vision to life. Indeed, their expertise and commitment to high-quality drones, combining innovation and respect for the environment, have been the cornerstone of our success.

By working together, we were able to push the limits of imagination by creating a stunning spectacle with its striking XXL shapes and patterns.

Three days of magic

For three intense days, we transformed the Lyon sky into a magical canvas above theParilly Racecourse. Viewers, whether there or a few miles away, were transported into a world of wonderland, with captivating visuals ranging from a fire-breathing dragon to a hypnotizing goddess to a spectacular recreation of Notre Dame Cathedral. -Lady of Paris. As a result, each sequence has been carefully designed to amaze and captivate the public near and far ; all creating unforgettable memories.

Among the highlights of our show, the reproduction of the emblematic Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral was a true tribute to French history and heritage. With dimensions faithful to the original monument, 127 meters long by 40 meters wide, this representation marked the perfect alliance between technological innovation and respect for cultural heritage. 

The idea was to create a show with various atmospheres and varied motifs in order to reveal our real capacity to adapt to all your wants and needs; from elegant visuals to abstract shapes through the representation of historical monuments. 

View bigger, more memorable

Behind every magical moment is hard work and meticulous preparation. That's why our team has worked tirelessly to plan every aspect of this sensational show.

This first show with no less than 1000 drones was much more than just entertainment. Thanks to our partnership with Drotek and the commitment of our team, we have achieved something grandiose that will always be remembered.

With your support and enthusiasm, we look forward to pushing the boundaries of imagination even further and creating even more spectacular shows in the future. Because yes, your interest and your commitment encourage us to always see bigger more memorable, And that's just the beginning…