A few days before starting this new year, On was able to close 2023 in style by marking the festivities in the heart of the banks of the Étang de l'Olivier in the charming town of Istres located in the Bouches du Rhône. Our team orchestrated a light drone show titled “Icarus’ Dream”.

This poetic and narrative show transported spectators into the fascinating world of two legendary French aviators, Jacqueline Auriol and Hélène Boucher.

Istres: The cradle of aeronautics

Beyond the artistic brilliance of the show, On wished to pay homage to the prestigious past of the town of Istres as cradle of aeronautics. This town proudly houses the largest track in Europe, testifying to its ultimate role in the development of aviation in France.

Since the First World War, Istres has occupied a strategic position as military air base. Thus, a training place for pilots and parking for combat planes the French air force, this city has witnessed the dynamic evolution of aviation over the decades.

The heroines of the sky: Jacqueline Auriol and Hélène Boucher

“Icarus’ Dream” dives into the heart of the exploits of two pioneers of aviation, Jacqueline Auriol and Hélène Boucher. Indeed, these intrepid women defied the conventions of the time, becoming among the first female test pilots to steal in a domain formerly reserved for men. This drone show traces their lives, challenges and successes, capturing the daring spirit that marked the beginning of a new era

During the 20th century, they each marked their time as much as the other with exploits never before achieved for a woman; first European to break the legendary “sound barrier” for Jacqueline Auriol and several women's world speed records for Hélène Boucher. The latter died in an accident during a training flight at just 26 years old.

“The Dream of Icarus”: A poetic and narrative show

The sky of Istres was transformed into a living canvas with the original creation of Allumee. Not less than 200 drones drew luminous paintings, visually revealing the history of aviation and the women who shaped it. But the show was not limited to that. 

Of the pyrotechnic effects lit up the night, and a gigantic airship 9 meters long flew over the skies, bringing this spectacular dimension, enough to add even more magic in the eyes of our spectators. The latter symbolized not only the glorious past of aviation, but also the constant aspiration to push the limits, to rise ever higher.

A rich history illustrated through our lights

The drones, coordinated with exceptional precision, traced luminous arabesques in the starry sky. Each drone flight told a part of the history of the town of Istres, from its earliest days as a military air base to its current place as a jewel of European aeronautics.

Thus, the lights crossed, mingled, and formed silhouettes evoking the birth of aviation with the faces of those remarkable women we talked about above, planes, stars and much more. 

The pyrotechnic symphony

Accompanying the celestial dances of the drones, a pyrotechnic symphony lit up the sky. Multiple fireworks bright colors burst in perfect synchronization, adding an explosion of light and color to the story told on that magical night. 

In this way, each explosion seemed to be a celebration, a tribute to challenges overcome and horizons conquered. A big thank you to BGMA PYRO for their trust.