A special jo show in châteauroux

May 27, 2024 was the scene of a grandiose event on the occasion of the Olympic torch relay in the charming town of Châteauroux, prefecture of Indre. 

This event, awaited by many residents and visitors, was marked by a show of 200 drones, orchestrated by our team on the theme of the 2024 Olympic Games, as well as a captivating pyrotechnic effects performance lasting around forty minutes called “Dragon Time”, presented by the companies Elixir and Soirs de Fête, specialized in this field. 

A look back at a memorable show following the burning of the cauldron at the Plaine des Sports in Châteauroux.

The Olympics highlighted by this drone show

The drone show began at dusk, when the sky took on pink and orange hues, providing the perfect setting for the launch of the festivities. The Department of Indre invited several players for this special evening: our team, responsible for providing drones, and two renowned companies for their pyrotechnic effects.

Our team deployed 200 drones, each precisely programmed to offer a synchronized aerial ballet dedicated specifically to the 2024 Olympic Games. Thus, the drones drew shapes and figures in the sky representing a multitude of sports and athletes in action, a super rapid transition with all flags participating in the legendary event or even the legendary Olympic gold medal.

During a dozen minutes, thousands of spectators, young and old, were amazed by the light developments and the fluid transitions between these different aerial scenes.

The pyrotechnic performance

In addition to our drone show, the companies Elixir and Party evenings pyrotechnic effects offered an equally spectacular performance called “Dragon Time”.

Fireworks lit up the sky with colorful explosions adding an extra dimension of magic and grandeur to the evening.

Examples of visuals present during the show of 200 special Olympic drones in Châteauroux

This event was not only a visual spectacle, but also a moment of pride and unity for the residents of Châteauroux and spectators from far and wide. The Olympic torch relay is a symbol of peace, solidarity and hope, and the drone and fireworks show beautifully illustrated these values.

Many thanks to Department of Indre as well as thelocal public agricultural education and training establishment Naturapolis for allowing us to make this more than grandiose evening possible.

The success of this evening is the result of careful preparation and close collaboration between the different technical and artistic teams. We are proud to have contributed to this celebration and to have brought our expertise to offer an unforgettable show.