Drone shows are becoming increasingly popular, offering light, choreographed performances that dazzle spectators. But what types of drones do we use to create shows? 

In this article, we introduce you to the different types of drones we use, their characteristics and why they are essential to our shows.

Quadcopters: The stars of our shows

Quadcopters are the most commonly used drones in our shows. Made up of four rotors, these drones are renowned for their stability and reliability. Their design allows for excellent maneuverability, which is crucial for complex aerial choreographies. Here's why quadcopters are so popular in our shows:

  • Stability : Thanks to their four rotors, quadcopters offer superior stability, essential for precise and synchronized flights.
  • Cost : They are cheaper to produce and maintain compared to other types of drones, which makes it possible to integrate a large number of drones into our shows without blowing the budget.
  • Noise level : Quadcopters are also less noisy, allowing a pleasant sound environment to be maintained for spectators.
  • Versatility : Their ability to achieve smooth and precise movements makes them ideal for light shows where synchronization is key.
Our quadcopter drones

Octocopters: For heavier performances

Octocopters are eight-rotor drones, used primarily for tasks requiring heavier payloads, so they are noisier. These larger devices can carry pyrotechnics or lasers, exceptional services that Allumee is currently developing. Thus, they offer unique advantages:

  • Charge capacity : With their eight rotors, octocopters can carry heavier loads, such as additional camera equipment or larger, more complex light devices.
  • Reinforced stability : The presence of eight rotors provides redundancy which can be useful in the event of failure of one of the rotors, ensuring continued stability.
  • Specific use : Their use is often reserved for shows where heavier special effects or complex installations are required.

Each type of drone plays a vital role in creating our drone shows. Thus, the quadcopters dominate the stage thanks to their stability, cost and low noise level, providing a smooth and harmonious performance.

Nevertheless, the octocopters, with their ability to carry heavier loads, add an extra dimension to our shows with impressive special effects.