The event of Glimmers of Mantis, who illuminated the city of Mantes la Jolie from December 16 to February 10, 2024, constitutes a remarkable cultural event, testifying to the city's capacity to reinvent itself and to offer its inhabitants as well as its visitors a unique and memorable experience. The team On had the honor of celebrating the end of these illuminations with a unique drone show !

This article explores in detail the first edition of this event, highlighting its origins, its objectives, the highlights, as well as its impact on its cultural and tourist development.

The genesis of Les Lueurs de Mantes

In the heart of the Île-de-France region, Mantes-la-Jolie is a town rich in history and heritage. In a desire to enhance its image and boost its attractiveness, the municipality launched the event this year Glimmers of Mantis. 

Inspired by international light festivals, this project aims to highlight emblematic monuments and public spaces of the city through artistic light installations and monumental projections. The initiative not only highlights the architectural beauty of Mantes-la-Jolie but also aspires to create a space of conviviality and sharing for all.

Allumee closes the event in a magical atmosphere

To end the Lueurs de Mantes event in apotheosis, a breathtaking drone show was orchestrated, featuring 200 drones in the night sky of Mantes-La-Jolie. Placed under the theme of “(Re)birth”, this aerial ballet, visible from the banks of the Seine in the city, was a powerful metaphor of renewal and hope, symbolizing both the rebirth of the city through its cultural initiatives. 

Thus, to the rhythm of a soundtrack specially composed by the musician Maxim Olsson, our unique show putting an end to these illuminations was able to bring together nearly 9000 people, locals and tourists alike, with family, friends or lovers.

This technological performance, mixing art and innovation, not only marked minds with its beauty and originality but also underlined Mantes-la-Jolie's commitment to reinventing itself and inspiring, making this moment an unforgettable moment for all spectators. 

Furthermore, our drone show was produced in close collaboration with the musician Mr Maxime Olson, Ms. Marianne Collobert, responsible for city event projects, lighting designer Mr Benjamin Nesme as well as many talented luminarians !

mantis glow light show
Our (Re)birth show at Lueurs de Mantes

A cultural and tourist approach

The Glimmers of Mantes are part of a broader approach to cultural and tourist development from the city. Therefore, the event aims to:

  • Promote heritage : by illuminating historic sites, the event offers a new perspective on the city's heritage, encouraging its rediscovery and enhancement.
  • Promote living together : by bringing residents together around a common project, the event strengthens social bonds and community cohesion.
  • Boost the local economy : by attracting visitors from the region and elsewhere, the Lueurs de Mantes stimulate economic activity, benefiting local businesses, hotels and restaurants.

Other highlights of the event

The first edition of Lueurs de Mantes was marked by several highlights, attracting a large audience. Some of the most popular facilities include:

  • Projections on the Collegiate Church : this historic building served as a canvas for narrative light shows, mixing local history and contemporary artistic creations under the name Collegiate Light Show.
  • The luminous journey : a walk through the city, dotted with ephemeral light works, allowed us to rediscover urban spaces in a new light.
  • Participatory workshops : activities involving residents in the creation of light installations reinforced the feeling of belonging to the community.

More than positive results

The impact of the first edition of Lueurs de Mantes on the city and its inhabitants was significant. The event not only contributed to improve the image of Mantes-la-Jolie but also generated a feeling of pride among the Mantais. The influx of visitors had a positive impact on the local economy, highlighting the city's tourism potential.

Beyond these aspects, the Glimmers of Mantis also laid the foundations for a broader reflection on the role of culture and art in public space. Through its success, this event encourages the municipality to continue along this path, already considering new enriched and expanded editions.