THE Drone Light Show, thanks to their ability to create shapes, patterns and animations in the sky, revolutionize the world of entertainment. However, behind the performance lies a significant operational complexity, requiring careful planning and strict adherence to safety measures. This article explores the various aspects of security and inherent constraints to the organization of such events.

swarm of bright drones in the blue sky
Test of a show at the Parilly Hippodrome in good weather conditions

Regulatory foundations

The first step in planning a drone show involves a thorough understanding of the regulations in force. These rules vary greatly from region to region. Nevertheless, On must cover several key aspects when carrying out its drone shows:

  • Authorizations and licenses: Organizing a drone show usually requires authorization from the local civil aviation or similar regulatory body. This step often involves submitting a detailed flight plan, proving pilot competency and certifying the drones used.
  • Aviation safety: To prevent the risk of collision with manned aircraft, no-fly zones are often established around the show location. Drones must operate at a specifically approved altitude and areas.
  • Data protection and privacy: With the ability of drones to capture images and videos, respecting privacy and data protection laws becomes crucial, requiring appropriate measures to ensure compliance.

Show planning and design

At the house of On, designing a drone show is a complex process that must take into account the technical and security constraints :

  • Design of figures and animations: Creating the animations requires specialized software to program the movements of the drones to form precise images in the sky.
  • Synchronization and control: Managing multiple drones simultaneously requires an advanced control system to ensure perfect synchronization, minimizing the risk of collision.
  • Preliminary tests: Before the event, comprehensive testing is essential to identify and correct potential vulnerabilities, both in terms of security and visual performance.

Operational security measures

THE operational security measures are at the heart of the success of a drone show, including:

  • Weather monitoring: Weather conditions have a significant impact on the safety and feasibility of a drone show but also on the visual experience offered to the public. Planning must include protocols in the event of unfavorable conditions such as excessive wind or rain, thunderstorms or very reduced visibility in the event of intense fog. 
  • Crowd management: Public safety is paramount. Physical barriers and safety zones are established to protect spectators in the event of a drone failure.
  • Emergency protocols: Emergency procedures must be in place to manage potential incidents, including technical failure of drones, interference with other electronic devices and changing weather conditions.

Technical challenges and solutions

Drone shows face several technical challenges, notably :

  • Battery life: One of the main limitations of drones is their flight duration limited by battery life. Organizers must therefore optimize the duration of the show and provide replacement batteries or emergency drones.
  • Interference and communications security: Drones are controlled via radio signals, which are susceptible to interference. The use of secure and redundant communication technologies is therefore essential to prevent loss of control.
  • Flight accuracy: Precision is crucial to creating consistent images. This requires drones equipped with advanced navigation systems and precision sensors.

Organizing a drone show is a complex challenge which requires meticulous attention to many operational and safety details. By adhering to current regulations, carefully planning every aspect of the show, and implementing rigorous safety measures, it is possible to create breathtaking events that captivate audiences while ensuring the safety of all participants.

There drone technology continues to evolve, offering new creative possibilities while posing new safety and regulatory challenges. That is why, On must remain at the forefront of these developments to continue to deliver exceptional experiences in complete safety.

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