Allumee at the 2024 lemon festival

Every year, the city of Menton, pearl of the Côte d'Azur, is transformed into a veritable citrus Eden to celebrate its traditional Lemon Festival. For this 90th edition, the emblematic event brilliantly combined tradition and innovation with a variety of activities, workshops and festive evenings for more than two weeks, from February 17 to March 3, 2024.

Attractive per year not less than 200,000 visitors coming from all walks of life to admire gigantic sculptures made of citrus fruits and participate in festivities full of color and liveliness, we had the honor of dazzling, a second time, the sky of Menton during the nocturnal parade on this Thursday, February 29.

The event’s key activities

Each year, the Lemon Festival offers a diverse range of captivating activities for all ages. Here are the most notable ones during these two weeks:

    • The Gardens of Lights: Pop-up exhibits come to life, made up of thousands of lemons and oranges, forming giant sculptures and impressive designs.
    • The Corso des Fruits d’Or and night parades: A sunny parade on Thursday evenings where flower floats and brass bands create a festive atmosphere, traveling through the streets to the rhythm of music and dances.
    • Craft Exhibitions: Local know-how is in the spotlight, offering unique creations inspired by citrus fruits at the Craft Fair. 
    • Workshops and Tastings: Visitors discover the culinary richness of Menton, with cooking workshops and tastings of local products, where lemon is obviously at the center of all taste buds.
    • The Orchid Festival: A true beautiful escape, the orchid festival offers us a moment of serenity, a haven of peace away from the festive hustle and bustle.

The theme: From Olympia to Menton

By choosing " From Olympia to Menton » as a theme, the Lemon Festival not only highlights the historical importance of Olympic Games but also their ability to inspire and bring people together beyond geographical and cultural borders. This could result in artistic representations and citrus constructions that celebrate Olympic sports, legendary athletes, and iconic symbols such as the Olympic torch or the Olympic rings, all interpreted with Menton's unique touch.

Thus, this theme offers an opportunity to explore and celebrate the cultural diversity And global unity, values dear to both the Olympic Games and the Lemon Festival. Visitors could discover exhibitions and activities reflecting the cultures of the countries participating in the Olympic Games, creating a dialogue between sport, art, and tradition.

A performance between sports and citrus fruits

Our show hybrid with no less than 200 drones began at nightfall during the nighttime corso on Thursday, February 29, transforming the sky of the city of Menton into a living canvas. Thanks to a fleet of drones equipped with LED lights, we told for a second consecutive year, a captivating visual story, paying tribute to the essence of the Lemon Festival, to the cultural richness of Menton but not only…. 

The dynamic drone formations illustrated varied themes, from the lemony landscapes of Menton to creations with a direct nod to the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games taking place this year in Paris with visuals such as a cyclist, an Olympic flame or a basketball, all synchronized with captivating music.

Untitled design (3)
Some visuals of the show at the 2024 Lemon Festival

The theme “From Olympia to Menton” for the Lemon Festival 2024 promises a captivating fusion of sport, history, and culture, offering visitors a rich and diverse experience. By celebrating the links between the glorious past of the Olympic Games and the timeless beauty of Menton, the festival promises to be a memorable event that enriches the understanding and appreciation of the Olympic spirit in a setting as mythical as the town of Menton.