Allumee celebrates the lights 2023

allumee celebrates the lights

When the Festival of Lights meets drone technology

Every year, The festival of lights transports thousands of people into a magical universe where magic and light mingle to create a unforgettable experience

Thus, this festival, beyond its religious origin, offers memorable services merging technology, art and emotion. Values that echo our Allumee team since we strive to ensure that each line of light has its meaning, transforming the sky into a exhilarating living canvas.

In addition, strict standards are adopted both for there security that for the environment, both for a traditional festival such as the Festival of Lights and during drone shows like at On. This demonstrates their commitment to responsible celebrations, thus offering spectacular experiences all in preserving public safety and in respecting our planet.

Allumee and its lighting revolution

On this special occasion, we are delighted to share with you a new dimension of wonder by celebrating the lights with a unique and magical show featuring no less than 500 drones

Designed especially for the inhabitants of the city of Lyon, this celestial spectacle, which is close to our hearts, revolutionizes the tradition of this Festival of Lights, bringing a contemporary and technological touch to the much appreciated event.

This initiative also demonstrates our commitment to always push the limits of awesome thanks to our creative strength and our passion for drones.