Allumee lights up the SaintéLyon 2023 race

The legendary night raid Asics SaintéLyon

For the 69th edition, the race Asics SaintéLyon now represents a pillar in the history of running in France.

Thus, this famous nighttime challenge between the city of Saint-Etienne and that of Lyon is none other than the oldest of ultra-distance competitions. This quickly transformed into an authentic phenomenon, remaining the most imposing nature running event in France.

New record, the 2023 edition was able to bring together 17,000 bibs  bringing together runners from various backgrounds in France as well as enthusiasts from foreign countries!

Allumee lights up the hearts of runners and visitors

A few minutes before the thrilling start of the race, the night took on a exceptional splendor thanks to a captivating drone show customized by us combining no less than 300 drones !

In this way, these luminous jewels painted the starry sky with a thousand colors, creating a magical and futuristic atmosphere electrifying the excitement already palpable among the participants. 

Various fascinating shapes recalling the theme of the event and the presence of a quality partner, the famous brand of running shoes and clothing, Asics

A runner in full swing, a giant shoe, a gigantic bib or an individual with arms in the air celebrating his victory; visuals providing a certain motivation but above all the wonder in the hearts and minds of our runners ready to give the best of themselves.  

On wanted to inaugurate this exceptional event marking the start of an unforgettable night where the passion for running mixes with aerial magic.

A big thank you to the marketing agency Extra Sports as well as the brand Asics for their trust!