Les drones de spectacle, ces fascinants engins volants qui illuminent le ciel nocturne lors d’événements spéciaux, notamment les shows drones lumineux, requièrent un very precise operation upstream. Instead of traditional fireworks, these drones equipped with LED lights create dynamic, colorful formations in the sky. 

Preparation and programming of drones

It all starts with planning and designing the show. Designers use specific software to choreograph drone movements, ensuring that each machine flies in harmony with the others to form images and animated sequences. This step is crucial because it not only defines the aesthetics of the show, but also ensures flight safety.

Once the design is complete, programming the drones is the next step. Each drone is programmed with precise instructions on its trajectory, speed and position at each moment of the show. This is carried out by advanced software capable of managing hundreds, even thousands, of drones simultaneously as we were able to do recently with our performance of 1000 drones.

Communication and operation of drones

Show drones use advanced positioning systems, such as GPS, to maintain their precise position in the air. Thus, they constantly communicate with a central computer via Wi-Fi, which can adjust their trajectories in real time if necessary.

Additionally, drones are equipped with batteries that are both light and powerful to maximize their flight time. They also carry high-intensity LED lights that can change color quickly, creating spectacular visual effects. 

Calibration of our first show of 1000 drones

Implementation of the show

Before the production of the show, each drone is calibrated and tested to ensure it is working properly. This phase is essential for avoid potential accidents, particularly drone falls during the show. There are multiple settings that should not be overlooked before flying a drone, such as checks of communication, the positioning system, and the performance of the associated batteries and LEDs.

At show time, the drones take off simultaneously and perform the pre-programmed choreography. Their movements are synchronized to perfection, creating a variety of shapes and patterns in the sky. Throughout the show, central computer monitors trajectories as needed to ensure smooth performance and safety.

Safety and regulations

Drone shows must comply with strict regulations, including aviation safety and traffic control.

As a result, the organizers work in close collaboration with the local authorities to ensure that the show does not pose a risk to the public or other aircraft.