A radiant sight for a happy child

magic at chenonceau hospital

A dedicated association for fulfilled dreams

A daily desire to bring smiles back to children affected by long-term illnesses is the primary objective of the association. Magic at the Hospital having the same ambitions for more than 24 years of existence. With nearly a hundred volunteers committed every day to making these children's most magical dreams come true, the idea is above all to alleviate this suffering for a short while by giving them something to look forward to.

Made up of dreams, magical manifestations and various gifts, Eric Frot, the founder of the association, is full of a range of innovations in order to offer as best as possible magical moments within a hospital environment which can sometimes be synonymous with anxiety and fear for these young children.

Values of sharing and wonder: the perfect alliance with On

A passion for drones, certainly, but above all a perpetual desire to share emotions through a bouquet of creativity and ingenuity; this is our whole identity. This is why we could only accept this challenge of providing this magic and this moment of escape and laughter to children who don't have a smile every day...

At the heart of Chenonceau Castle, jewel of the Loire castles, it has a magical and soothing setting; all surrounded by its numerous gardens creating a refined and elegant atmosphere.

A personalized show at the children's bedside

Bringing together more than 275 people and around fifty families accompanying their children for this occasion, the worlds of celebration, happiness and pleasure came together as a general theme offering throughout the evening a magical performance in abstract, concrete and colorful forms.

But that's not all ! Eric Antoine, famous magician comedian was there since he was celebrating his 10 years of sponsorship within the association. A sincere commitment which does not date from yesterday because it has been working since the age of 18 in various hospitals with the sole conviction of spending a pleasant and relaxed time with these children who were able to meet a star of laughter and joy.

Thus, the show was accompanied by magician cards and multiple elements around this universe which has always fascinated any child, sick or not. In short, an evening full of positivity where sharing knows no age!