They made their audience dream with Allumee's drone shows


Illuminate your events with a drone show!

The shows are composed of several hundred drones and accompanied by a specially composed and rhythmic soundtrack on the show to transmit a maximum of emotion to your audience.

100 drones

200 drones

Allumee designs and produces drone shows composed of several hundred devices.

We produce drone shows, yes! But with a responsible approach for the planet.

Committed firm

Allumee is committed to the environment and has signed up as a company with a mission. A commitment that illustrates our convictions for the preservation of nature.

Noise pollution

The drone is totally inaudible to our audience placed 150 meters from the flight area, which makes it possible to offer a total immersion to the spectators.


Allumee is committed to fighting pollution. The drone show does not generate any waste. So we leave the sites clean after our passage. In addition, our drones are made in France and thanks to our partner, the batteries are 78% recyclable. 



We have established a safety area between our audience and the drone flight area. This perimeter allows us to guarantee optimal protection, while maintaining perfect visibility of our drone show.


Unlike fireworks, there is no risk of fires during our show and this thanks to the technologies embedded in the drone.

Live a grandiose experience !

Treat yourself to a light drone show for your events

Show in Amboise

Show in Les Menuires

Mary. D – Show in the Touquet-Paris-Plage

It was great! Very good idea of animation with drones, thank you to those who are carrying this initiative!

Christine. D – Show in the Touquet-Paris-Plage

Super beautiful and less polluting than a firework!

Patrick. D – Show in Les Menuires

The show was really nice and poetic. We hope to see it again next year!

Olivier.F – Show in Les Menuires

It was sublime! The Wow effect is guaranteed, to be seen again!

Fanny.B – Show in Les Menuires

Beautiful moment of enchantment with the radiant mountains! It was sumptuous!

Joël.C – Show in Les Menuires

A magical evening in Les Menuires!

Julie.B – Show in Méribel

Very impressive! Great

Marion.T – Show in Méribel

Very nice Christmas show! The children had stars in their eyes. Thank you !

Morgan.C – Show in Amboise

Just sublime and magnificent for a first in Amboise! To do again

Ludovic.B – Show in Amboise

Superb spectacle, one jumps of a generation the time of the fireworks. Thank you!

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