How many drones are needed for a show?

In the fascinating world of drone shows, where technology meets art to create truly magical moments in the night sky, the question of how many drones are needed to thrill audiences remains paramount. From small intimate gatherings with a hundred drones to large-scale drone ballets mobilizing up to a thousand flying machines.

Cet article explore les nuances de la planification et de l’exécution de drone light show en France et en Europe, en se concentrant sur la gamme allant de 100 à 1000 drones, et sur ce qu’il faut considérer pour réaliser une performance qui ne manquera pas de captiver et d’émerveiller le public.

100 drones for small events

Our most popular package demonstrates that 100 drones form the ideal base to enchant an event. Parfaitement adapté aux petits rassemblements intimes pouvant accueillir jusqu’à mille spectateurs ou aux espaces présentant des contraintes dimensionnelles, ce format de spectacle se révèle être un choix judicieux pour ceux désirant marquer les esprits sans pour autant dépasser leur budget, pour en savoir plus découvrez le tarif d’un spectacle de drones.

Although the quantity of drones may seem modest compared to massive deployments, the visual and emotional impact on the public is nonetheless diminished. The use of 100 drones, while being the minimum threshold for our shows, in no way limits the creativity or complexity of our performances.

On the contrary, it challenges us to push the limits of what is possible, by creating magical moments that remain engraved in the memory of our spectators. In doing so, we demonstrate that it is possible to achieve masterpieces aerial with formations extending up to 60 meters wide, provided that innovation and ingenuity are there; our recent performance Arches 1800 is proof!

Watch our Tiktok video on this show in the heart of the Savoyard mountains:

Example of a visual for a show of 100 drones at Les Arcs 1800

200 or 300 drones for some creative flexibility

By doubling or even tripling capacity to 200 or 300 drones, we are crossing a threshold where creative possibilities multiply, allowing our artistic expression to elevate to previously unattainable levels of medium to high design detail and visual complexity; our customized show of 300 drones with pyrotechnics for the race Asics SaintéLyon within the city of Saint-Etienne this year demonstrates this creative flexibility.

This increased density of drones also enriches the emotional impact on the audience transporting spectators on an unforgettable aerial adventure with faithful reproductions of logos or stylized icon goods.

Find our real Instagram on this show in collaboration with the Asics brand:

Example of visual for a show of 200 drones at the Asics SaintéLyon race in Saint-Etienne

400 drones and more for unprecedented immersion

By venturing into unexplored territories by offering drone ballets of 400 drones and more, we are not only advancing the field of aerial entertainment. Indeed, we want to create a truly immersive and unforgettable experience for audiences around the world by pushing the boundaries of what is technically and artistically achievable. 

Allumee offers large-scale services thanks to close collaboration with our partners and prestigious brands such as our show of 400 drones for the famous feast of Saint Agatha in Sicily.

This level of ambition is not without challenges, particularly on a technical level. Yet we are opening the door to unprecedented achievements with recently our first show going up to 1000 drones. This allows us to develop drone shows that are not only large in scale but also remarkable in their precision and richness of detail.

Whether through dynamic three-dimensional shapes, faithful representations of iconic landscapes or complex visual narratives, each performance is an exploration of what is possible when technical innovation meets limitless artistic expression.

Example of visual for a show of 400 drones for the feast of Saint Agatha in Sicily