Chapter 1: An unforgettable moment.

Allumee’s story begins in 2020. It all starts with a wish. That of offering everyone an unforgettable moment. To realize this dream we chose to use luminous drones. Luminous drones allow us to create real living scenographies. But also to offer a moment of magic. In addition, they correspond to the values we want to convey in our shows. That is to say, to offer a unique moment to all, with respect for nature. We are convinced that entertainment can perfectly match the preservation of the environment. 

renard allumé

Chapter 2: Stars in everyone's eyes.

Our second wish is to introduce this technology to as many people as possible. Drone shows are little known in Europe and France. So we have the will to democratize them, because we want to amaze our audience and see stars sparkle in their eyes. This conviction is directly related to the prices charged. We have chosen to have attractive rates, among the lowest on the market. This choice allows us to offer a moment of escape to a larger audience. We are very happy and proud of the progress made by our teams. The story of Allumee is in perpetual writing. We believe strongly in our shows and the emotions that can be conveyed.

Chapter 3: A meaning to our shows.

For us, it is very important to have a show that makes sense. We want to tell stories where everyone, young and old alike, can identify. From the smallest spectators to the largest. Our shows are always written with a scripted touch. We can offer a show to a younger audience, with cartoon scenes. But also, more philosophical shows with the birth and unfolding of several seasons.

Conquered by drone shows ?

Do not hesitate to contact us.Our team will be very happy to answer you and will be happy to accompany you in your future project.

Where to follow our history and admire our drone shows ?

We invite you to follow our Instagram page. You will find excerpts from our shows. But also all the life of Allumee.



THANKS to the students of Digital Campus Lyon for designing and designing the Allumee website.

Technique: Matthieu Walcker, Robin Durget, Matthieu Pau

Creation: Léna Lizé, Allan Barth, Hugo Maccioni, Clément Frader