Allumee is committed to the environment and signs the status of “company with a mission”. A commitment that illustrates our convictions for the preservation of nature.


As a company, Allumee helps reduce the negative impact of fireworks on the environment. Indeed, drone shows do not create any pollution on launch sites, do not generate any noise pollution or fire risk. We work with a partner who is able to recycle our batteries up to 78%. Our drones are assembled in France by a French company guaranteeing their durability, fast support and a local economy.


Allumee ensures that all operations, drones and equipment used, comply with the most up-to-date legislation . But also the most recent in terms of air traffic regulation. Allumee will go even further when possible to avoid any negative impact of this technology


Allumee ensures that all software components and devices used are safe for staff and customers. The strictest cybersecurity regulations are enforced and updated as technology evolves. The safety of spectators is at the heart of our concerns. All measures will be taken with local authorities and organizations, so as not to endanger anyone.


Allumee is committed to complying with all local labor regulations. In addition to the mandatory and legal elements, Allumee is committed to treating its workers fairly . To involve them, to train them and to recognize each individual. Allumee strives to find the meaning and balance of the lives of its colleagues for the benefit of all. With each evolution of the company, Allumee is committed to reassessing its CSR with employees. This is to ensure that we are truly anchored in this century and adapted to society’s expectations.


First, Allumee supports employees involved in volunteer programs. It even adapts its structure and organization to allow the involvement of each employee in its community. Secondly, being in the event business, Allumee will also support local charity events by offering free shows and supporting their communication.



Allumee is committed to applying best practices in trade with its partners. This implies a strong policy of non-corruption to be respected by all its employees and business partners. This will allow Allumee to be considered a fair partner, strictly applying the rules of fair competition. Allumee will treat its employees fairly and will be heavily involved in ensuring that no discrimination of any kind can occur in the workplace. Allumee has set up its own training module on the subject. This training is mandatory when staff join and a reminder will be organized every year Contact us